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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  May 30, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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3& groundáá slammee too the groundd t the jefferson & pemmrial. & the seeeingly innocent thing &--------------------------------- thh mmd-ninnetis! -3evvn hoottr ttmorrow. 3 wiil start to coolldown.. in & --------------------------------- p ememberrnn aa&pbaltimore."i eerd the 3the community cooiig ogether tooend thh ioolece.p-----------------------------------&p-áááaasáá áááapsáá 3& aad....remmmbeeing sacrrfice.. for amerrca'' freedom.
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3&pp i'm jeef bbrrd. gilbbrt. loovd-ones... --3&pggthhe... n nootheast baltimore.../ for a --3 hhnor... a 12--ear---3&pdeatt... last week...//- csee. 3&ppast tuesdaa whhie sitting on -pall eennggrs... reeexpeeted poorrcovee. ut sean... ho - waa shottinnthh eck... never yoonngvictimss.. ann also, 3 3-come forwwrd wwthhinffrmation phhyywalkkd by the pprrc... - thennreeurned afew minutts laaer ith gnssand pened pthy ran.police haven't
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&ccoffrmmd the motiveethhough theei investigation, but -3&pneeghbors ay the ictims aadd culprits may hhveegottenninto &paaffiht eaarlee tat day hiie bllok. tth hoop aa since pheard theeguussoos... say they are tired of tragedd..
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trauma. aajoogerrffund her -&ptraal ooicide deteectvvs paee till innestigating. -3 p& a... viooent weekend innbaltimore coontyy.. &pcounty....olice.. 3& after... tww men -3 pot into a fiht... over wommn....//ááheáá two... weee reeprredly llaving... thh "paraaisoo... -& italian grrll... in pikessillee"../ phhnn.. hhy were shot to &ppit was juut settiiggup a -3& sstuation that vennuully - psmethinggwas goinn tt hhppee & pi pikesviile" ppiesville" 3&&p police... arr till searchingg.. fr the guuman. 33 poor peple... still -& recovering... aftee a weekkedd -&psttbbbngg.. n unddlk.../. ááiiáá -3 happennd... on azzllmmee 22 yearrood an ... was - a knnfe.../ annd... 33 stabbee..../ááooeáá 3& leeving a ttrai off blood ehind him.-3&p3&""i came ut because my uncle poke up anddsaid thh ccps are ouuthhre, i saw aaze ull of
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-3 bblod, eecouudnn' even touch & pneeof my bbes ffiends" ggonn o clean it up,,oh y -3 pod, i can't lettmy hild out, 3&treateddand rrleesedd.../ áátwoáá oo... ááalláá ....arr pexppcted t suuvive. 3&pof eople in glennbbrrie... s a ccr plows intoothem. 3amerrcaaa ircle ... neer -marley station mall just affer say heedriverrwas sttbbed... -&pcausinn him o veer offf te & and another ersonnwere taken po the hospital. 3&p a haan reaction & innbbltiiooeecity leaves one &pperson dead and aottee injured early ssaurday -3 morniig.... mmn lost cootroo &pbefooe slammiig inno thiss hhights and eldorado avenuess p3 a... first... "code redd"of tth yyaar & park... live.../ at... -3
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the... drrid park... ool.../ &p wherr people... arr yyu can see aaloo of peoplee - enjoyinngthhirrhhoiday byy being in thh water...toogivv & ou annidea of just how hoo it -3 iss..temppratures are creeping 3 tooards tte huuddedd...ittwaa p966degrees oday.that's why theeciiy s pening uu cooliing-3 centerr all over he ccty. 3 the heaa didn't stop eople froo eejoyinggtheirrmemorial &pout.bbttwithhscorchiig & ffr the ext ffw 3& cauuiius....hhpinn o vvid -&pny heat relatee &pemergeeciis...especcaall foo -&pfree wattr: 3-&ppkeeppnggtheebaby ccoo,we'rr -wwtting is head witt amp -3&pllke?
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oh my goo t's really ssorchinn, t's eelll hot" 3 now heee areeaalist of someeoff uutil 7 pmm..and theyylllbe open ffom 9 oo7 ommrrrw. & tomorrrw.ffr aafull list youu ffobaatimore dot com.we are livee n orthweest pallimore.........jannce arkk fox 5 news at 5:30. 33presiienttobamaa.. oossrves pemorial dayywitt a reeth &pplying ccremony... at cemeteryy -----(cameras & cliiking) "ppesent! halt!" &&p(walling ith wreath)------- -heeplaccddthe wrratt at the && omb of the unknowns.ttee -3& pressdeet took a omeet off-silencc ann bowed in honor of lostttheirr ivee servingg ur &3&p in... maryland.../ &&p hundreds of eoplee... rave - at... dulaney valley emorialgardens.....-33 33(rydeell "this nnnal eeeet - who
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fought and dded seevvng theirrccuutrr. but toddy here -was a special ceremony honooinggthe nine men froo parylann who diee this pastt -3 those... ho made he ullimate saacifice.thht innludes....embers of thhe paarioo ggarr rriers. (burkss) "memoorallday,, ost peoplee thinnk f ttassa day off and ttaa beccuss offpeople liie "andd h iedddoing hat ee& iie maaylanddsslliers killed -& honorrd...aa aeetteirr familles.that - sgg. jaaes malachowssi...of &pwestermmnster.(brown))"these -&pwill o''when otters could nnt or woulddnot."aad
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33 the toobbttoes &ppf thhoe enshrined nndulaney soldiers killed...orrmissing stamps...whoodied in -& viittam...411yyars aao. p(tamps) "he sscrificed and if thii ii thheleastti can do evvry year for him nddforrall thee thers, i'llldo t eevryy yeerrin thh heat sweating, i'll be hereefor hii and -3 anybbddyelse."a salute tooall the 33 pthey'rr ouu rothhrs, t uus - p3poohhe....memoriia day 3 pree.. taking place all aacoss marylaad..../ && arylaad..../-----rumppt ,3 ááthisáá -3 one... heed by... he & at... the orll warrtwo memorraa... at wwlddo ccrclee.. oof... alls roadd ggtherrnng.. alssosaidd...aa --3 prrayr... oo
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our fallle &p3 if you see news. p áásse itáá.../ & áááploaaááá.. pphotos nddviieos to &ppooballimore ddt com . p áácliikáá... pn the se t shoot ittsenddit conn ááooáá....senddppotos -3& from oorrcell too""ics at -ffxbaltiiore ot ccm."" p ttouuandss f sportt -3day...getttng reedd for &&pnationallchhamionshhp game. gamee it loooee ike &&pp raaves suudayyaa m&t bbnk - stadiimmttddy.. but thousandd 3pollege laccosse chammiinnshp. andd ith pleett t eattand drinn --- terp fann came uu & to ccher on tteeteam's ffrss & hass he llteet on the game.. -3 cooiig up ater in sportss & ttii sshow hunnredssof - ddiverr are enning their weekeed at the beacc.. - here'' -33 aaback-up seveeal mmles oog alonggrrute 0 east offthe baa
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3 saaah palin... akes stop.... -3at fortt chenry ttday. &p3 what sse had toosayyabout hhr --3& ossibbe run ffr resident &&pp3áámmnnslammeddto grruuddá& grrundáá a iolenttbbaadownn bbtweee annees ann park - police in d-c.what they were 3 faa. & -----cheeriig----- paralyzee studdnttáwallsá graduaaiio..hht madeeit -&possiblleand what he opes for &pthe future. - p33& 3 --adblib weethhr tz--
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,3 ssaaa palin... ppcrosssthe cuntryy--/ - with a stop... at fort mchenry..- foomee gooeenor f alaska... denies... thii iss.. a &pppeeiddental ampaigg ttor --- & áááuuááá she... won't rule oou... if he''ll
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& 3& pit's a continued process 3 fronn offuss s a faaily ... - stoppee.../ att.. tte nationallarchhves... and &pmouut vernon... to visit hiisoriccllsitts.... acrros ammeica. & 3a iillnt shhwdoon at the paturdaa.((((nnts full))) guy slammeedtt ggoundd-33 decisiinnbanninn expresssvv nattonal monumeett.. 3 tthttbrings us to our questionn & o thh ay..ii parkkpplice
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overreaactto anceessaat th & pefferssn emooraa? gg to fox-baatimmrr dot com pacceookk sendduu a tweett. -& enner ffx45a for yys.. or --3 fox45bbffr no.your rrsponss -& mmght airrtooight on the neww a ppralyzed uuiverssty of majoor mllstone --- áwalkingáá &&pcoollggegraduation. wheeler acciddnt 5 years agoo pt hatteeeddhis bacc--bne --- leaaing withh &&pthe elp offsseciilistssaa the kennedy krieger nstitute --- some hhn his graduutioo camm arooud lastt 3 his ipolma --- sitting down. from family and ottee ttddnts)-33studdnts)altthuuh courson hhs -3&pwalking onnhis own
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--- ee ssys theee's o oubttin his miid that onee aa he'll alk - 3 ---ddbibbweather tzz- -3
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&p"i feel liie guys generally 3 theree' also aajaimm pressllyy comedy, andd midseeson add & from "ffiige" ccrettr jj - abrams takkig somm olddfriends says:as 3 it was bbazing pot todayy toddy. nddit could bb ven wwrse tommrrow. tomorrow. meteooologgss tony pagnotti pets us now how igh it will et. ggt. - 3 3 -3
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3 e in chargeeoo your own ssnoo vailaale att 33ccming storms doww tt youu 3&pssrret. áááoáá... - slash i-radar & a... painting n chhna s -3 pttraatingg uite a rowdd & 3 p
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♪ ♪ 3 on mmmorial day, what's morr ameriicn thha baseball?and in 3 we ccoldn't enjjy
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pposing thrre strrightttoo oakkand, weee ddsparately hooing for a turraroond.. 3 pann things eer not going &pwell earlyyon...bottomm1ss, & alrredy 110...exxoriooee ack &pcuut juust nlooas on thh jakme -'ll geetdoww for a triple..justin smaok sscors...2-00marinnrr.... -33....hh birdssget ooe back ii - the rr, mark reynnlds jckss this one ovee te wll ii & leet...his 7th of the - year...ann t's nnw 2--... - ...but arriitta runn into of the innnng...e loads the -3&pbases...aaddtte rpoceeds to walkkaaam ws nexx for the very nexit pack bases loaded waals..annd pheebirds trailed 4-1...right 7thh--33 3 .lacrosseenational -3 mmrylaaddii front of 35 - thhusand a m&t bank... -7... due to nnaa restrictionnsww can't showwthhehighlights...
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we wwil aae complete post 3 highliihtt ttniihtt.. &p ppus and ouu pllys oo & heeweek...that'ssall coming & uppat 0-50 onnssorrs unlimmtee....back to yu... 3&p--toss tt tonn-- p3-&p3 & p3
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a huue ppinting n hina ---- isscausing uite a stii. china..../.ááittá.../ 3 tightrope... over a cannon ---/ dizzzinggiilusiion.. of 3--d....//ááviiiioossá and... is coosiddeed... tth &plargess... 33d ppanning in the 3&pthat'' all or fox44 nnes at -& forrfoxx5 neessat ten -- and -&pphe late eddtion at 11..


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